Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. Are you an insurance broker?


I am not an insurance broker and work totally independently of insurance brokers and insurers, I provide you with the information about types of insurance you might need to protect your business, this information is general technical information and not specific to a product sold by an insurer.


2. Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?


I am not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) because I am not selling or recommending specific insurance products to you. A specific insurance product would be a policy or type of cover sold by an insurer which had specific features and benefits. The information I provide is much broader in its scope and would give you enough information for you to decide if you want to talk to an insurer or broker or buy your insurance online.


3. Can I buy my insurance from you?


I do not sell or arrange insurance on behalf of my clients, I am not authorised by the FCA to carry out this work.


4. How do I find an insurance broker?


There are a number of ways to find an insurance broker, you can find out what they are in my blog post -


The British Insurance Brokers Association also has a tool on their website which can match you up with one of their members in your area -


5. How much insurance do I need?


It depends what type of insurance you’re buying, if you want to talk in more detail about this then please book a 1-2-1 here -


6. Why do people like this approach?


The small business owners I talk to are often feeling frustrated and confused by insurance and want information from a friendly face, information that is straight-forward and jargon free. The information I share with you will start your search for insurance, or help you review your existing insurance, with confidence.


This appeals to people because I can get to know your business in more detail, can give you real life examples of the risks your businesses face and how insurance can protect you from these risks. I then provide you with a clear explanation of the types of insurance you need to think with the opportunity for them to ask questions in a collaborative and friendly environment where you are not being sold too


7. Who do I help?


I help UK small business owners understand the insurance you need and why you need it.  If you fit the following criteria, I can help you;


- Have been running your business for a while and need some help with your insurance

- Running a side-hustle alongside your full-time job

- Are based in the UK

- Have a turnover of under £1m

- Feel confused by insurance and want to know what you need and why

- Know you need insurance but not sure what

- Are looking to talk to a friendly and straight-talking independent insurance expert


8. Do you help businesses outside the UK?


I only work with UK businesses; my experience and expertise are all based on the UK insurance market.


Do you have another question about something else?


Drop me a line at or find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.