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How having a business coach helped me build my online audience?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Like many business owners you are probably planning how 2020 might look for you, mapping out your plans and goals for the year ahead. But how are you going to make them happen? Can working with a business coach to help you get you to where you want to be in 2020.

I joined Janet Murrays membership 3 years ago and in January 2019 I asked to join her mastermind group “Build Your Audience” and on a 20 minute call with Janet we identified where I wanted to take my business and I felt the clarity and motivation that had eluded me for months.

I signed up for her mastermind and have never looked back, here’s why:

  • I get 121 time with Janet to focus on my business

  • I benefit from bespoke help to get you to where you want to be

  • We have weekly group calls where we have a 10-minute hotseat to discuss an ongoing challenge or topic

  • I have access to exclusive resources and additional masterclasses to help me grow

  • As a small group of 12 we can all help each other as we really understand each other’s businesses.

  • Some of our best ideas come from the conversations we have in our WhatsApp group!

How working with a business coach can help you;

Working with a business coach can provide you with the clarity, confidence and skills to build your business faster than you can do it on your own, regardless if you are a service or product-based business, here’s how;

  • Focus your business

  • Help with your messaging and how you talk to your ideal clients

  • Help you build an online audience through email list building

  • Build a social media presence and help you stay consistent

  • Boost your confidence

  • Help you stay accountable

  • Be a sounding board for ideas

How do you find a business coach?

It is worth taking the time to find the right coach for you, there are lots out there who focus on specific areas of business (audience building, sales, mindset) or specific types of businesses (pet businesses, health and lifestyle, product-based businesses etc) but I choose Janet because she has done what I want to do and I think this is a great place to start but check out their story, social media profiles, speak to other clients and don’t be afraid to book a call with them, most will offer a free discovery call, to see if you are a good fit before you commit.

How much does it cost to work with a business coach?

A lot of people will be thinking this sounds expensive, and I get that, it is also worth thinking about how you will make that money back by increasing the money coming into your business as a result of implementing the advice of an expert. I have made my money back and then some because I have taken action and what a business coach cannot do is do it for you. So, think of the cost as an investment in your skills and your business and set yourself the target of making the coat of a coach pay for itself.

Does working with a business coach work?

Yes, it does but it is not easy, I am 12 months in, and it does require a lot of hard work and you have to be prepared to put the hours in otherwise you just won’t get the results. I have mapped out my business, built an email list, grown my audience on social media as well as built products and services that generate income for me

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