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A bit about me

Insurance is a vibrant, innovative and interesting industry, a fantastic place to work.

I started my insurance career over 20 years ago and never looked back.

Now I use that experience to create client generating content for your business.

 I’m on a mission to help you stay relevant with your audience & communicate what you do, to the people who will benefit from it, through blog posts and social media content.


Using my expertise, I can create clear and engaging insurance content, that informs the reader and enables them to take action. 

insurance copywriter catherine france sits holding coffee looking into camera


With the trust deficit growing and more people online there has never been a better time to create content which reflects you and your business as honest, human and trustworthy. 

catherine france freelance insurance copywriter smiling into camera


Would you like to have a proven way of attracting new clients, help to keep the ones you have got?

Do you want to stand out against your competitors because your content is engaging and relevant?

Demonstrate your expertise so you don’t sound like a robot and your ideal clients approach you?

Yes? Let's get started

catherine france insurance copywriter sits looking into camera smiling
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