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Do you know you could be attracting more clients but when you sit down to write you draw a blank?


Book a 1 Hour Blog Strategy Session and let’s get your blog on track and working for you!

You’re a super busy insurance executive feeling the marketing guilt, but you need to concentrate on income generating activities so writing a blog keeps slipping down the to-do list.

You know having a blog will help you attract and engage clients, demonstrate your expertise, set you apart from your competitors.


I have this amazing solution for you, that will only take an hour of your time.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own, whether it’s refreshing an old blog or starting from scratch my hour-long blog strategy session will get you on the right track with an easy-to-follow actionable plan for just £199.


How it works

  • Well get on a zoom call for an hour and explore what’s working, what isn’t.

  • Talk through what you want your blog to do, who your audience are.

  • Look at the content your audience want.

  • Set out a plan to get you back on track and your blog out into the world.

  • Plus, you’ll get lots of hints and tips to get people to engage with your blog.

  • You’ll come away with lots of ideas that you can put into action quickly, and a recording of the call.


How would it feel to get a strategy in place?

These calls are designed to give your blog a reinvigorated sense of purpose and a clear action plan you can put into place straight after the call, not add-ons or up sells, you get the plan on the call.


Still not sure?

That’s ok, it’s perfectly normal to have doubts when you’re doing something new but there is no better time to get started than now. Maybe you’re feeling some of these things?


  1. I’m not sure I’ve got time – it’s only one hour, we cover a lot of ground and it’s an hour well spent!

  2. Will I get a return on my investment – good question, it depends on your commitment to take action following the call. I don’t currently offer ongoing mentoring but would be happy to discuss this if it is of interest.

  3. I don’t have the time or skills to promote the finished blog articles – yep, I get it. It takes time to promote your blog and writing engaging posts to encourage readers to buy from you us important. If this is something you need help with, my blog writing packages will give you this content in addition to the blog post.

  4. Maybe you’ve tried to use a copywriter before and had a bad experience? – the thing my clients like about me is that I have an insurance background, so you don’t need to teach me insurance. Sure, there are things I need to research but my experience saves time and gives me a deeper understanding of some of the challenges you face and means we can get through more in the hour session.


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