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Has e-mail marketing been languishing on your to-do list?

But you're too busy to sit down and figure it all out.


You want to get in front of more clients but working to a budget?

Everything you need to start to show up online for your clients and prospects, demonstrate what makes your business right for them and attract more inbound leads.

The Email Kickstarter Package is for you

If you attended the WTW Webinar live or on the replay, you'll know I talked you through how to build an e-mail campaign and a content calendar that delivers regular content to your email list, BUT I also know that it's a busy job being an insurance broker and that you probably haven't got TIME to set this up, create the templates and schedule the emails, so I've put together a package of services that do all this for you. All you need to do is provide the data for the email software (so you don't have to pay for a licence for me!) 

Plus, lots of hints and tips, so you get more out of your campaigns.

Who is
Catherine France

The Insurance Copywriter

Catherine helps insurance brokers to get visible, stand out and stay relevant to their audience helping them to communicate what they do, to the people who will benefit from it, through blog posts, articles and, social media content.

Using her expertise, and 20 years of insurance experience, Catherine can effortlessly create clear and engaging content that:

  • Informs the reader, demonstrates expertise & builds trust.

  • Helps clients stand out against their competitors.

  • Empowers the reader to take action = more sales.


Sarah Joy

I had the pleasure to work with Catherine over a 9 month period. As we started out on our inbound content marketing journey, we needed someone that understood Insurance and SMEs. Catherine created some engaging content for us which achieved an average 46% email open rate & 6.9% click through - 119% higher than industry average. Catherine is easy to work with, she works to agreed timelines and is very professional. She's also happy to be given a brief with target keywords, some inspiration links and a brief summary & run with it. I'd recommend her as part of your extended to team.

Abi Smith,
Grosvenor Insurance Brokers

What a great way to start this Monday with a zoom call with Catherine France talking about blogs and how to engage current and potential clients. Catherine has helped me develop a plan for 2022, watch out for all our new blogs and interviews.

I would highly recommend speaking to Catherine, if you need help in writing blogs.

Simon Taylor
Get Indemnity

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Catherine France for all your help in delivering on our digital content strategy 🙏

Having a copywriter with insurance experience makes such a difference in producing thoughtful and insightful pieces, with no need for rewrites!!

Keep up the good work!!


Is this email template package suitable for me? Absolutely! It's completely normal to have doubts and concerns when considering an investment. We understand that your brain needs reassurance before taking any risks. We have addressed some common objections below to help ease your worries.

  1. I'm concerned about the time required to set this up. How much time will it take? Setting up the email template package will initially require some time investment. You can expect to dedicate approximately one hour over two 30 minute calls so I can get all the information I need. During this time, we will discuss your brand, logo and colour palette as well as plan the content calendar. in additiont here will be a requirement for you to sign off templates before they are fianlised.

  2. Will I see a return on my investment? The return on your investment depends on your commitment to the process and the strategies you employ to share the email templates and content calendar created for you. This increased engagement will ultimately lead to more leads. Additionally, there are ways to repurpose the content across your social media accounts, to maximise the value of your investment.

  3. Will you upload the data into the Campaigner platform? I ask all my clients to upload the data themselves from their IT platforms, this way they can validate the data before it is used. It also saves the cost of another license particularly on platforms like Acturis! 

  4. I've had a negative experience with a copywriter before. How are you different? I totally understand that past experiences may have left you hesitant about working with a copywriter. What sets me apart is my insurance background. With this experience, I already possess a deep understanding of the insurance industry, eliminating the need for extensive teaching on your part. While there may be some specific areas I need to research, my background saves time and allows me to quickly grasp the challenges you face. This ensures a smoother and more efficient collaboration from the start.

I hope these FAQs have addressed your concerns. If you have any further questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to assist you every step of the way.

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