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3 Ways to Create More Content When You’re Short on Time.

If you didn’t catch our LinkedIn live last week Anna Bravington and I were talking about 3 ways to create more content when you’re short on time.

This is especially useful over the summer holidays when you might have school holidays, staff holidays and staff absences, but you need to still show up to your clients and prospects.

We chatted about how you can create more content in less time, using what you have, the knowledge you have and tech to help do more in less (or limited) time.

We covered repurposing, recycling and batching content.

Here is the original LinkedIn Live.

Here's a quick summary of what we covered if you haven't got time to watch;


Do you have content you can use to create other forms of content for example

  • Turn a podcast into a blog

  • Use content from a blog to create social media posts

  • Turn a blog into a video

  • Use snippets from a podcast for social media posts

  • Use a blog from your website to create an article on LinkedIn

  • Interview a colleague on video and use the video, audio, and transcribe it (you can use free transcription software like


Not everyone will see all of your content, so refreshing and re-sharing content is a good way to save time.

  • Refresh an old blog post and publish it

  • Re-share social media posts that deliver value or teach something

  • Post client testimonials to demonstrate social proof and build trust in your business

  • Use content from your website that is informative and interesting to share with your audience, people love stories and being the scenes content.


Creating a batch of content is a good idea to get content planned ahead there are two good ways to do this.

  1. Plan out 5 posts, on a similar topic or theme for example you could use the top 5 questions clients ask you and create posts around these and compile them into a blog post and article for LinkedIn.

  2. Create one blog on a subject and write 1,000 - 1,500 words using headings to separate it out. Use each section as a separate post, create images and quotes from it to share across your social media. (I’ll be doing this, this week!)

Don’t be afraid to use content you have already created, like content from your website, sales presentations or clients reports that contain useful information or hints and tips for businesses.

You already have a wealth of knowledge, just think about how you can offer value to the reader that can then open up a conversation with you creating a lead.

Please tag me or Anna in any content you’re inspired to produce from this post and the live session.

We will be live again in September sharing more hints and tips on how to create the content your audience want to read.

Bye for now,

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