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Why you shouldn't hire an insurance copywriter?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Would you like to be better at marketing your brand and providing engaging material to benefit existing and potential clients?

The shape of insurance marketing has changed, it is no longer okay just to have a website, added a few links, publish a couple of industry articles, and add a contact me page, buyers are looking for a broker who has a decent web presence, a website which is easy to use publishes regular topical and insightful content and gives them free stuff that offers them information and value before they buy.

Nowadays this means you need to be using your website and social media and content to engage new clients and keep the ones you've got because if you’re not doing it, your competitor who is doing it is tapping into your market share and you are losing out on sales.

Creating content consistently can help raise your profile, increase visibility of your business and help you stand out from your competitors, attract leads and start conversations with people who want to buy from you. If this is something you want to do, read on!

Creating content takes time and skill, and as a paid service you can build your online visibility and brand. You might be thinking “I’ve got years of experience, I could do this myself” you won't be alone, in fact you’ve probably got a wide range of expertise in insurance and probably insurance qualifications but are you the best person to create content, and if you’re not who is?

What’s the alternative to hiring a copywriter to write your insurance blog?

For a moment, let’s imagine that you’re not sure about paying for someone else to write you a bespoke blog or article for your clients and prospects, what are your options?

  • You could write the blog yourself

  • You ask one of your team to write the blog

  • You could ask a non-insurance copywriter to write the blog

  • You could buy an off the shelf pre-written blog

  • You could do nothing

Let’s have a closer look at these options.

1. You could write the blog yourself.

You could write the blog yourself; you might be the best person to write the blog after all you have heaps of experience, and you want it to sound like you. The average blog takes just under 4 hours to write, so if you have 4 hours of uninterrupted time you could write it, but do you have 4 hours to set aside to write, time to focus, and let the words flow?

It boils down to cost, is this the best use of your time? Is your time best spent earning client income, focussing on client relationships, and broking difficult cases? So, is it economical to do it yourself? If the answer to this is no, then the next question is how do you let go?

2. You ask one of your team to write the blog

You could ask one of your execs to write it for you, you’ve got all that intellectual property within the business, let’s use it. You ask your exec Dave to write an article on composite panels for you and Dave thinks “Oh, Sh&t!”, he’s got 300 renewals coming up and while he’d love to help, he hasn't got time to write an article, so he passes it to the marketing team.

3. You could ask your marketing person or agency to write the blog

The marketing team could be a team, it could be one person, or it might be outsourced. The marketing team is asked to write the article, but they don’t know what composite panels are, so they do some research and come up with some content that is ok but lacks the depth of knowledge you'd like to see, and it feels stiff and impersonal to the reader so the impact you were hoping for is diluted. Maybe a copywriter can help you, you might even have a client who is a copywriter so off you go to ask them to help.

4. You could ask a copywriter to write the blog

There are lots of copywriters who would love to help you produce consistent content, you might’ve tried to use one before, they will create work that fits the brief, conforms to your brand guidelines, tone of voice, etc. but they don’t know about insurance, and this can be a difficult thing to mimic. You could end up with content that feels bland and sanitised, which also lacks the level of detail you want and need to express to your clients. This might be cost-effective but there is too much time and work involved in getting the final work ready for your audience, so you've put it off.

5. You could buy an off the shelf pre-written blog

You could buy a cut-and-paste blog template from an online subscription platform; these are widely available subjects and offer a drag and drop feature. These posts are fine, often well written, and cover a broad range of subjects but there are several reasons why you should proceed with caution, firstly they are generic, and any number of brokers can be creating the same content, this is not going to help your SEO as Google will downgrade you if they see the same content across different sites. Secondly, the posts are not personal to you and don’t reflect your turn of phrase or your personality. Thirdly, you could spend a lot of time re-writing the content, if you’re allowed to, so it does sound like you and would resonate with your audience. Lastly, the content is only useful if you have time to share it, don’t get sucked into paying a subscription for content that you don’t end up sharing, content that doesn’t differentiate you from Bob up the road, and content you don’t feel proud to share with your audience. (Sorry Bob!)

6. You could do nothing

Instead of investing in an experienced insurance copywriter you could do nothing, keep the money in the bank. The danger of doing nothing is that someone else will be doing something and if it's not you, it will be the broker up the road. You could be missing out on sales because you are not utilising the power of creating blog content and promoting it on your social media channels. If you invested £1,000 in blog writing, how long would it take you to make that money back? How many clients would you need to win?

If none of that sounds very appealing, you could hire me to write your blog. Creating your content, or paying me to do it, means you can stand shoulder to shoulder with your competitors – even the big aggregators – because you have the opportunity to create original content which demonstrates that you are an honest and trustworthy insurance broker who genuinely wants to engage with their client in a way which is relevant, insightful, and human.

I have a range of services that can help you communicate with your audience, and they don't cost the earth. If you'd like to know more, get in touch, and let's have a chat.

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