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What it’s like to work with an insurance copywriter?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

What does an insurance copywriter do?

I write content for insurers and insurance brokers, who want to find better and more engaging ways to communicate with their audience, and I do this because insurance is what I know, having worked in the industry for 20 years, I like to think I know a bit about writing and insurance, plus it saves my clients time as they don’t have to teach me insurance!

Why do I write insurance content?

I also know there is more we can do as an industry to showcase what we do and demonstrate to customers the skills we have, the passion we have for the work we do, and the importance insurance plays in people’s lives and wider society, but we need to do that in a way which helps bridge the gap between our knowledge and our customers.

Why explaining what you do is important

I believe passionately that there is great power in sharing what it feels like work with someone, setting out the process steps and what happens at each stage can give potential clients the reassurance they need and the confidence to get in touch with you.


Top tip: This is true for insurance brokers and insurers and provides a great piece of core content that you can use as a blog, article, or text post on social media, podcast, or video.


What it’s like to work with an insurance copywriter?

Flipping brilliant! I would say that, wouldn’t I? I am approachable, friendly, and professional. I enjoy what I do, and I hope that comes through in my work and my approach to helping you get the results you want from the work we do together.

I’m methodical and love a spreadsheet, but we’ll start with a chat about what you’re looking for, who you’re writing for, and what you want to achieve, brainstorm some ideas, pick the topics, agree the frequency, schedule and deadlines which will become the order of work, we agree the costs and how we will review and edit each piece as we go along.

I know you’re busy so I try not to take up as little of your time as possible, but the early stages are more labour intensive as I understand your tone of voice, writing, and brand style but this early investment means I can get on with the work and leave you to focus on business as usual.

Here’s what former client Sara Joy has to say about working with me:

"I had the pleasure to work with Catherine over a 9-month period. As we started out on our inbound content marketing journey, we needed someone that understood Insurance and SMEs. Catherine created some engaging content for us which achieved an average 46% email open rate & 6.9% click-through - 119% higher than the industry average. Catherine is easy to work with, she works to agreed timelines and is very professional. She's also happy to be given a brief with target keywords, some inspiration links, and a brief summary & run with it. I'd recommend her as part of your extended team." - Sarah Joy, Marketing Executive.

And Simon Taylor, Managing Director at Get Indemnity:

"I just want to say a big thank you to Catherine France for all your help in delivering on our digital content strategy. Having a copywriter with insurance experience makes such a difference in producing thoughtful and insightful pieces, with no need for rewrites!!"

What can I help you with?

VIP package

My done-for-you VIP service gives you a flexible option to have your own outsourced marketing person (me!) help you deliver a comprehensive package of lead-generating content, that speaks to your ideal client. £1,199 per month for six months.

Get Visible

A package of 2 blog posts per month, a planning call, a content plan, keyword research, SEO, and social media posts to help you share them and get in front of more of your ideal client. £497 per month for a minimum of six months.

Get started

A package of one blog post with complimentary social media posts written for you and scheduled, a planning call, a six-month content plan, keyword research, and SEO. £297 per month for a minimum of six months.

Web Content

A lot of my clients aren’t quite ready for blog content and in fact, want to do some work to their website first, and I help them by writing the copy that will help them turn inquiries into leads. It gives them a website to be proud of and one which sounds like them! From £1k.

Level Up Your LinkedIn

A 1 hour 121 session for £99 focussing on getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile, and your network, creating content that connects, and increasing engagement. Sharing the tips and strategies I’ve used to grow my business, so you can do the same.

Blog Strategy Hour

A 1 hour 121 session for £99 focussing on getting your blog up and running, if you’re starting from scratch or reviving an old blog we can plan the structure of the posts, the content, titles, and communication strategy so you can hit the ground running and get your blog out into the world.

Free Stuff

You can get my 52 Blog Post Ideas for Insurance Businesses for free and there are lots of blogs on my website explaining more of what I do and offering practical ways you can improve your content marketing.

Just drop me a message and I’d be happy to give you more information on any of these services.

When is the right time to get in touch with me?

If you’re reading this, now! I can help you get your blog into the world, either by writing it for you or coaching you through the process so if you’ve been putting it off, if you’re feeling the marketing guilt and blog writing never gets further than halfway up your to-do list, then get in touch and let’s have a chat, it’s never too soon to get started.

My clients can be at different stages of their content journey, some are just starting out and have not written a blog before and want to outsource that to me, some are refreshing an old blog and want fresh and original content, and others want help writing more complex insurance articles, or want the content to support a specific marketing campaign or event in the diary.

I am happy to have a chat with you if you’re not quite sure if I can help, not quite sure if you like my style and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

After all, people do business with people. See you soon!

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