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Why do I need a Blog, hasn’t everyone got one?

If your insurance business hasn’t got a blog, are you missing a trick?

You could also be missing out on sales!

Do you want win more clients and have a consistent pipeline of potential sales?

To do this you know you need to be more visible and have consistent blog content that speaks to your ideal client.

I get it, writing a blog might seem insignificant in the enormity of everything an insurance broker has to contend with, the word itself doesn't serve to inspire at all. Your competitors might've been blogging for years. You've got all the information but no time to write it down, certainly no time to promote it. After all, there are over 6 million blogs posted every day worldwide. You might end up thinking, what’s the point?

But here's the thing your blog is your voice, it's your little corner of the internet, a place where you can talk to your clients, give them the information they need which allows them to get to know you, to know that you can be trusted to get them the insurance they need.

"77% of internet users read blogs" Social Media Today

At a time when the public trust insurance is low and more people are online than ever before, there has never been a better time to talk to your clients through blogs and articles.

"70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads." Social Media Today

Creating consistent blog content means you can stand shoulder to shoulder with your competitors, who often present a stiff corporate and sanitised version of insurance. Your blog becomes your voice, your personality and in the eyes of your clients, you become an educator, the Martin Lewis of Insurance if you like, by explaining what you know to your audience in such a way that people see you as human, trustworthy, and honest.

And who doesn’t want that?

So why should you blog?

- Because it’s a fantastic tool to teach what you know

- Demonstrate you are trustworthy and honest

- Inject your personality into what you do, i.e., get people the right insurance!

- It doesn’t cost the earth, but it doesn’t happen overnight either

- You can use the content repeatedly

- People are reading blogs.

But what I hear from so many people like you is that you’re juggling so many things that you don’t have time to create this client winning content?

Perhaps even the thought of this leaves you feeling exhausted!

Or maybe you spend so much time comparing yourself to bigger competitors?

Catherine France stands against a stone wall smiling  in pink jumper, image has a search bar which reads why do I need a blog?

What you NEED is unique blog content. And I can create this content for you.

Imagine having consistent content that brings you in sales without the stress of having to create it yourself!

I work directly with you to understand your core values and client proposition, as well as your tone of voice to create seamless value in your content so you can attract and convert your dream clients.

Not only does this take content creation off your to- do list, it frees up your time so you can focus on your zone of genius.... insuring.

If you want more TIME and more SALES book a free discovery call to explore how we could work together on this.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

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